3D plaster panels


The 3D plaster panels decorate the interiors with a contemporary style giving life to the coexistence of the concepts of particularity and elegance for those who have a modest creativity and taste for interior design. We realize panels and 3D plaster walls on request. Look at the 3D panels that offers our catalog and request a quote online and we will be happy to design the interior decorations that best suit your personality, together with you.

Art. 401

Art. 403

Art. 405

Art. 406

Art. 407 b

Art. 423

Mod. cont Art. 424

Mod sofa Art. 421

Mod. flowers Art. 426

Mod. wave Art. 411

Mod. stone

Mod. stone Art. 264

Mod. stone Art. 265

Mod. stone Art. 667