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Stucchificio Artistico Genovese

Lo Stucchificio Artistico Genovese is an Italian workshop with a 100-year-old tradition in the artistic creation of stuccos in Genova (Italy). We offer a wide choice of stuccos and plaster decorations, helping you in choosing the best style for your house.

For special suggestions or interior design, you can contact our architects Claudio Mula and Cora Canonici. In our website you can see our stucco decorations or come and visit our workshop in Genova (Italy).

Skilled laying service in Italy and abroad.


Excellent staff Genial and prepared. They solved my problems. Thanks in particular to Arcangelo
Maurizio Armandi

Place out of the weather, beautiful.
Marco Italiano

Very well supplied and they make stuccos on order
Marcella Porta

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Stucchificio Artistico Genovese is a craft workshop that boasts a forty-year tradition in the artistic work of stucco in Genoa. If you come to visit us and you want to stop and eat something, we recommend the excellent RESTAURANT LA BOTTE in Piazza Modena 6r in Genoa Sampierdarena. La Botte Restaurant reserves a special discount for customers of the Stucchificio Artistico Genovese.

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