Decorative Artist

Catherine Godier

Catherine Godier is an artist of Breton origin in the west of France.

As a girl she learned the Art of Ornamental Decoration from a Professional Decorator who dedicated two years of long and intense teaching to her. It was the year 1997.

She is a great collaborator of ours and we are glad that she belongs to our group. She is definitely a good at decorating ceilings and ornamental stuccos.

She treats all the existing architectural styles of the past and Contemporary style. She loves the Renaissance style and uses all the painting techniques, on walls, furniture, doors, glass and more. From oil technique to acrylic technique.

Work on Sponged, Spatula and Mixed technique. Performs all types of Corservative Restoration. Make decorations on furniture and various objects. She is a very popular artist on the handwork of gold and silver sheets. The reason that makes her complete as an artist and that mosaic, in fact, is also a mosaic artist.

Now we can go to see his works and his short videos.


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