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Villa Grock: Expression of a Genius – The Hall of Parties

The hall of parties of Villa Grock it Was commissioned to Us in the Years 2005 by Borchi Company of Genoa . That has carried out the complete Restoration of all the rest of Villa Grock. The great location are situated on the hills of Imperia city near to France. Clearly we had a Honor to Reproduce all most important pieces of all decorative Plaster of the Hall of a parties, Pilasters, wall Roses, Supports of Pilasters ,little and Great frames , Molding little and Great. The big Frame of a Volt were made to JAGO ROVAI COMPANY from Colle di Val D’Elsa Siena Italy.
Historical Notes:
The Party room Was important Meeting point for all Friends of Adrien Wettack AKA Grock Famous Swiss Clown . Adrien Born in Reinconvellier 1880 (Swiss) and died in Imperia in her Villa in the year 1959. In her life A. Wettak after travelling Hungary , I’ became famous and made many shows in all the rest of Europe with a Circus. His great love in addition to the Circus was a Real Art in this case a Liberty Style Decoration. The Hall of Parties made only in the Head of Adrien. This Style is Different in realty is customized and made in Wettack Style. Now in 2013 Villa Grock is a International Center of Clown Museum of the World.